Chris DeVito is a NYC based singer/songwriter.  Brooklyn born and raised.  She launched her debut CD “Beyond The Great Big Sky” in 2019 which can be downloaded on iTunes,, Spotify and most other music platforms.  You can even ask “Alexa” to play your favorite track.  Jason Scott of B-Sides and Badlands, dubbed her "New York City's Folksy Gem".

Chris DeVito's songs reach deep inside her soul.  Chris' passion for music resonates through every note she sings and every strum she plays. 

She has performed in dozens of venues all over the New York Tri-State area, some of which include NYC’s legendary “The Bitter End”, “Parkside Lounge”, “The Delancey”, “The West End Lounge”, “Leftfield”, “The Back Fence”, “The Perch Café” and most recently, “Crossroads” in New Jersey. 

Songwriting will always have a special meaning for Chris.  She grew up in an incredibly talented musical family and has been playing music since she was a kid.  Music is her escape.  It has gotten her through many difficult times in her life and she hopes that by exposing her innermost feelings and fears, she can help to inspire others.